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    Default Kriya accepts Reyansh's proposal in Dil Dostii Dance!

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    While Kriya is all set to go to New York, Reyansh proposes Kriya and stops her from flying back to New York.

    Channel V's popular show Dil Dostii Dance is heading towards an interesting track focusing on Reyansh aka Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who is getting angry on Kriya aka Shakti Mohan for not telling him about flying back to New York. And this time forever. All of this happens just on the day when Reyansh plans of expressing his feelings to Kriya. But with sheer co-incidence he gets to know about Kriya going to New York forever.

    Our sources say, "Reyansh is extremely annoyed with the fact that Kriya did not tell him about going to New York. He feels that she has come to India only for the affiliation and now since affiliation is over she has to go back. Later seeing Reyansh sad, Swayam aka Shantanu Maheshwari and his dad speaks to him and make him understand that if he does not confess his love for Kriya today, then he would never be able to tell her how much he loves her. Reyansh gets inspired with these words and decides to convey his feelings for Kriya. He runs to the airport to stop Kriya while some cops catch him and arrest him. He tells the cops that it is very important from him to reach the airport else he will lose his girlfriend forever. He asks the cops to help him to stop Kriya from flying and that's when these cops suggest him to do something that can create a traffic and stop her. Dance was the only thing that click in his mind and starts dancing in the middle of the street on the highway."

    Well, seems quite interesting till now, haina?

    The cherry on the cake is Reyansh manages to propose Kriya and stops her from flying to New York. That is why they say True love always wins.

    Well viewers, this is just a beginning to another love story. Keep reading this space for more updates.



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