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    Default Ice-cream treat as fine on the sets of Dil Dostii Dance!

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    Why the cast and crew of Dil Dostii Dance wait for somebody’s cellphone to ring in between the shots?

    What if you take your cellphones to your college or tuitions and it rings in between? You might have to pay a fine for that. The same happens on the sets of Channel V's Dil Dostii Dance. We get to know that there is a rule on the sets of Dil Dostii Dance that if somebody's cellphone rings in between the shots, then the person has to give an ice-cream treat for everybody on the sets.

    We got in touch with Kunwar Amarjeet Singh aka Reyansh to know more about this rule. He said, "Yes, we have this rule on the sets. Whenever somebody's cell phone rings on the sets while shooting, then that person is supposed to treat the whole cast and crew with ice-cream." Kunwar further added, "Earlier everyone would be busy with their cellphones on texting, whatsapp, BBM so, in order to bring a kind of discipline on the sets, this rule was started. Now, the scene is that all of us literally wait for someone's cellphone to ring so that we could get an ice-cream treat for that."

    On the other hand, Shantanu Maheshwari aka Swayam shares, "We do have this rule that we follow on our sets but it's not a strict rule to follow. It's a mutual thing to which the whole cast and crew has agreed mutually. It's our director's brain behind the idea because most of the time all of us were seen busy with our cellphones using Whatsapp, BBM, etc. so he started this thing and this rule not only applies for the actors on the sets, but it applies for all the cast and crew on the sets including the spot boys and the directors. It's a mutually agreed thing so everyone enjoy this."



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