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    Default Happy Birthday Shakti Mohan!

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    Shakti Mohan celebrates her birthday today…

    Shakti Mohan who showcased her dancing talent in Zee TV's Dance India Dance and played Kria in Channel V's Dil Dostii Dance has turned a year older today. Let's see how Shakti is going to celebrate her birthday today in this interview with us.

    What is a perfect birthday according to you?
    A perfect birthday according to me is the one I celebrate with my friends and family. I feel happy to celebrate it with the people who are close to me.

    Your most memorable birthday till date?
    Every birthday of mine had been a memorable one for me. I have really celebrated it the way I wanted to. However, once my Graduation day fell on my birthday and that birthday was a memorable birthday for me, as I was very excited.

    The birthday you were waiting for?
    When I was school, I was never waiting to get old. I would simply wait for my birthday to enjoy it and forget about the age factor.

    The birthday gift that you will never forget?
    I enjoy getting gifts from my friends and family. Last year Mukti brought me a Barbie doll cake. It was undoubtedly a memorable birthday gift for me.

    How are you going to celebrate your birthday this year?
    I going to celebrate my birthday with my family in Cochin this year. We are going have lots of fun over there as it's a nice place with waterfalls.

    What have your sisters planned for you?
    My sisters always plan something for my birthday. They keep doing their own secret discussions in a corner.

    We wishes Shakti Mohan a fun filled birthday and a fantastic year ahead.



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