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    Default Why a guy troubled Kunwar Amarjeet Singh?

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    Kunwar Amarjeet Singh faces problem with his Facebook account. To know more read on -

    With the growing popularity, our celebs who utilize the social medium to interact with their fans and connect with them encounter many troubles. While actress Mrunal Thakur was troubled by a fan on the social networking site, in a similar way Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who gained popularity through a youth based show Dil Dostii Dance, was in trouble when a duplicate account was created by some unknown guy.

    Well, Kunwar Amar has been facing a problem from quite sometime now. The actor's Facebook account was misused by an unknown person.

    Telling us about the incident he says, “There was a guy who created a fake Facebook account and added all the people who are my fans and messaged them saying that I am doing a social cause and required money for that.”

    He further adds, "The guy made an excuse that he doesn't want to publicize in the media. So through this way he asked for help and urged to take help from their friends. He gave an account number and asked them to deposit the money."

    Amar says that many people thought that it's a genuine gesture and so they aided him, “Many people were conned because there are people who are not my friends but are my fans. They thought it’s Amar who is genuinely asking them for a help and in the excitement they deposited the money."

    So did he take any action against the guy? “One of my fan who handles my page called me and said that she also got a call regarding the cause but as she knows my authentic account she did not get into the trap. She told me about the entire fiasco, then we traced the person and managed to get the number and the duplicate Facebook account.”

    “We have lodged a complaint and asked the cops to trace the guy whoever and wherever he is for cheating. They are in the process and I am sure they will find out this guy soon,” ends the actor.

    We hope the person gets arrested soon!



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