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    Default It's 'Friendship V/s Love' in Dil Dostii Dance as Aditya plans his tactful moves

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    The ‘applecart’ of the Dil Dostii Dance team is now being thoroughly shaken by an outsider named Aditya (Sehban Azim).

    As per the ongoing promo of the popular Channel [V] show produced by Cinevistaas Ltd, he is all set to use Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) as the pawn to break the friendship of Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari). At the same time he will try to separate the much-in-love pair of Sharon and Swayam.

    So what do the upcoming episodes have in store?

    When contacted, Palkhi Malhotra, Project Head, Cinevistaas Ltd said, “In the coming episodes, we will have the Sharon-Swayam love story panning out. The bond of friendship will go through testing times, courtesy Aditya who is showing the different outside world to the gang. We have seen Swayam as a cool dude till now, but what will happen when his weakness is played upon? Rey has trusted the friend in Swayam always, but will he question him this time around?”

    Guess it is time for the central characters in the show to stand up for themselves and tackle this acid test.

    Also, every episode from now will have a defining moment in terms of every character that will lead to a huge episode on 26 August, which will be a Mega Monday episode.

    On this, Palkhi added, “The Maha episode on 26 August will be ‘dhamakedaar’… From 27 August, there will be a change seen in all the characters in Dil Dostii Dance.”

    Get ready for some nerve-jerking moments as the friendship and love life of the D3 gang are at stake.



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