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    Default's time to say bye bye to Shakti "beautiful" Mohan

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    It’s really difficult to write a story when your eyes are filled with tears. But we have to manage as we have to give you the news about your favourite TV actor, Shakti Mohan. When she decided to quit Channel V’s Dil Dostii Dance, the nation mourned in unison. Since then she kept away from her fans but they could not hold on to tears of joy when she and her co star, Kunwar Amar, visited us.

    Now, Shakti moved out of Dil Dostii…for she wanted to learn more dance moves in New York, USA. And folks…this bird will fly off to chase her dream tomorrow (19 May 2012). We thought of talking to her before she undertook her journey and she shared with us in an emotional tone, “I am glad that in spite of all the chaos that happened while I was leaving D3, all my fans are still with me and my decision to pursue my higher studies in dance. I will miss all my fans and family for sure. I am never been away from my family for such a long time and I am a little worried.”

    She continued, “I feel I am blessed and fulfilled to have such fans who respect my decision. Today I am everything because of them.”

    But she ended with this promise, “Be patient my fans, I will be back soon.”

    We also talked to her sister Mukti Mohan and she sounded equally emotional, “I am really going to miss Shakti a lot, specially our catfights. She has never been away from us and for the first time she would be. But I really wish Shakti all the very best for her new phase in life.”

    Shakti would be coming back to India by September this year (2012).



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