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    Default The entire cast lends voice for a musical on the lines of Broadway in Dil Dostii Dance

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    Channel Vs quest to experiment with new and innovative ideas will go one step higher with a musical on the lines of Broadway being planned for Dil Dostii Dance.

    Yes, the maker Cinevistaas Ltd and the channel have left no stones unturned in shooting for an interesting musical which will be the finale presentation of the D3 gang for the affiliation.

    So what will the viewers get to see?

    Well, first of all, the loyal fans of the show can look forward to their favourite actors getting into the groove as singers.

    A source says, A beautiful execution of the Dil Dostii Dance story in the form of a song will be narrated to the viewers in the musical. And the best part will be that all the actors have lent their voices for this presentation. The narration in the form of music will start with the small-time girl Kriya getting into college, only to face adversities in the form of two major groups, and will go on to traverse the girls life in college. Lots of effort has been put into the lyrics of the musical which will tell a story.

    In addition to the musical narration, there will be nine filmy songs on which the D3 gang will perform. Few of the numbers will be group dances, while others will be solo presentations.

    The source further elaborates, D3 has explored various forms of dance in these three long years. And the urge to do something different resulted in the idea of the musical. Though the idea was to take it to a bigger scale, the sequence has been shot keeping in mind the budgetary constraints.

    This visual treat via the musical will be aired this Wednesday (7 May) and Thursday (8 May).

    When contacted, Ameeta Devadiga, Creative Director said, Yes, it is true that a musical will be aired for the first time in Dil Dostii Dance. A lot of effort has been put in by the entire team to make this idea possible. The kids have worked non-stop, whether it be for their performances, the recording of their song or for the rehearsals. We hope that we get a good response for this experiment. The musical will narrate the story of Dil Dostii Dance, and the kids have lent their voices to add to the beauty. I would like to specially thank few people who have helped us in the execution of this musical. I would like to thank Neeti Mohan for recording her voice along with the cast for the narration part. Then the popular Kathak dancer Kumar Sharma took time-off to train the cast. The choreographers Javed Sanadi and Ankita Maity have put in their best for this musical. With the shoot done, we look forward to the airing of this episode now.

    Loyal fans of D3, get ready for this musical extravaganza in your favourite show.



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