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    Default Dil Dostii Dance's Sharon and Swayam pair facing 'rocky times'...find out why...

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    ‘Nazar lag gayi hai humari Sharon aur Swayam ki Jodi ko’!! This is exactly what is the talk going around on the sets of Cinevistaas’ popular show on Channel [V], Dil Dostii Dance.

    Wondering what we are arriving at? Well, the unit members and even the cast of the show are sick and tired of seeing their popular Jodi either falling unwell or getting hurt. We are talking about Shantanu Maheshwari aka Swayam and Vrushika Mehta aka Sharon!!

    Recently, We wrote about how Vrushika managed to shoot for the Mega Monday episode soon after getting discharged from hospital owing to a dengue attack. If this was not enough, Shantanu while performing an intense scene slammed his hand so hard that he cut a nerve in between his fingers.
    Aah, painful isn’t it? A source from the set says that Vrushika and Shantanu have not been at the best of their health for some time now. While one has been plagued by health issues, the other has been breaking knuckles and hurting himself. We hope things fall in place for them in the near future.

    When contacted, Shantanu with a smile on his face said, “Yes, I have heard of this. True that Vrushika had been ill. And when I was shooting for a scene, I actually got so involved that I hit my hand badly. I split the webbing between my fingers and had to be rushed to hospital. I got back after having 5-6 stitches (smiles).”

    We too hope the popular pair of Sharon and Swayam have better days to come.



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