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    Default Dance Camp in Dil Dostii Dance to provide lot of excitement, fun and masti

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    Cinevistaas’ Dil Dostii Dance on Channel V will kick-start an interesting phase in the coming week wherein the kids will face some stiff competition for the first time as they participate in the Dance Camp. For the first time ever, Dil Dostii Dance will focus on solo performances when the students compete in the National Level Solo Competition. And with the competition comes a lot more of excitement, fun and masti. The added bonus for the viewers will be the manner in which the new GS, Shivam (Lavin Gothi) will go about fulfilling his responsibilities, as the students very much want to take up his case.

    Also, we hear that the character of Taani (Vrinda Dawda) will go through a shift where she will be seen taking a serious stand. On the other hand, Sharon (Sneha Kapoor) and Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari) will go through some tough times in the dance camp, but their relationship will only become stronger.

    In the dance camp, everyone will perform on his/her own special category. While Neha (Alisha Singh) will do freestyle, Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) will perform lyrical hip hop. Vicky (Prateek Kalsi) will do Popping, Nilesh (Macedon Dmello) and Sharon will perform Hip Hop. Simi (Samentha Fernandes) will do belly dancing. The dance camp will provide the first step to the outer world where the kids get to understand that all is not achievable, and life is full of pressures and stiff competition.

    The contestants chosen for the Dance Camp who will participate against St. Louis have been selected after intense auditions. We hear that more than 100 students from various colleges were auditioned and the best of dancers have been hand-picked for the Dance Camp.

    The cast of Dil Dostii Dance had to go through some rigorous rehearsals to prepare for the dance camp. After wrapping up the day’s shoot, the entire cast would go through hard core rehearsals in order to give their best shot. And the going only got tougher with many freaky accidents happening while rehearsing. We hear that Macedon sprained his neck, while Priyanka Soni, who plays Rinni, broke her knee.

    When contacted, Palkhi Malhotra, project head said, “The Dance Camp will be the first test in the outer world for the kids. All have worked really hard for this dance camp. The ambience during the shoot was more or less like a competition wherein all aimed to give their best shot. This Dance camp track opens up from coming Monday (24 September 2012).”

    We contacted Rey aka Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who shared his experience of shooting for the Dance Camp, “It was a great experience where we had to face the real contestants. All of us had not performed solo for a long time and that was a tough ask. The Dance Camp is going to be the first big challenge for us, and we had to put in hard core rehearsals.”

    When asked on his performance in the Dance Camp, Kunwar states, “I will be doing a lyrical hip hop on the number Kya Karoon from the movie Ladies Vs Ricky Behl. That’s a very fast number which is peppy and freestyle would have been the best form for the number. I opted to do lyrical hip hop instead, and had to catch the lyrics and explain it through my actions. The main thing I want to tell is that all the contestants who were chosen as our competitors were extremely brilliant and were individually chosen. The biggest positive that came out of the Dance Camp was that we got an opportunity to perform solo and for any dancer, performing solo is the real challenge.”

    Friends, tune in for this particular track in Dil Dostii Dance…



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