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    Default D3 team to be exposed at their first ever professional press conference in Dil Dostii Dance

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    Channel [V]’s Dil Dostii Dance (Cinevistaas Ltd) will see a major turnaround in terms of story line in the Mega Monday episode to be aired on 29 July 2013.

    To tell you in short, the D3 gang is going to get exposed!!!

    Exposed? To what, is the question that is lingering in your minds now. Well, the answer is that the team gets exposed to the harsh realities of life wherein they have no shelter to the twists that’s in store for them.

    We had earlier reported about Sehban Azim entering Dil Dostii Dance as the talent manager. And the man is going to make a big difference with his entry, is what we hear.

    Firstly, talking about his character, Aditya Khurana – The man is sly, charming and a sweet talker who can manipulate anyone without the person even knowing!!

    Aditya is shrewd and wants his job done at any cost. He does not like deviations from the benefits he is bound to get.

    The D3 team is now with this talent manager and is going to have their first press conference of their career. This is an event that promises to launch them in a big way in the professional space. As everyone is looking forward to their ‘dream’ coming true, they are not aware of the twists and turns and exposure to the harsh reality in the press conference, thanks to the tactical moves of Aditya Khurana.

    So what is his motive? Well, the man has always wanted to manage the talented dancer Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh), and never wanted to concentrate on the whole group. However, he is forced to take the team along as Rey has refused to part with his group. Having said this, Aditya has a master plan up his sleeve to ‘divide and rule’. He wants to break the bonding of the group and take Rey away. His plans will not only see the breaking of friendship in the D3 group but will also put a question mark on their identity.

    Well, there are even chances of the D3 gang’s first ever press conference being the first and the last for the team.

    How will the team cope up with this pressure of the outer world?

    We tried contacting Sehban Azim for answers, but could not get through to him.

    Get ready for this entertaining Mega Monday episode as the D3 team faces its first real ‘acid test’.



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