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    Default D3 fans demand to re-ignite the chemistry of Kria and Reyaansh

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    Cinevistaas’ Dil Dostii Dance (D3), on Channel V that began with the story of Kria (Shakti Mohan), has changed a lot in the last few months with Shakti’s exit from the show that has made fans an unhappy lot.

    What has irked them the most is the brutal murder of their favourite character Kria. Since the show revolves around the journey of Kria, she was the central character of the show. However, after Shakti’s exit, the creatives decided to end Kria’s role and introduced a new character Taani being played by Vrinda Dawda.

    The show’s fans are now demanding to re-introduce the love track between Kria and Reyaansh (Kunwar Amar).

    “We know Shakti is not around. However, just like central characters are replaced by other actors on shows around GECs, we want them to introduce Kria once again with another actor,” says Namrata Kakkar from Allahabad who is a part of the Arsha-KriYaansh addiction group. This group that has been a loyal follower of D3, has been constantly demanding for KriYaansh on the show.

    These fans have even created a Facebook page called ‘We want KriYaansh back’. Apart from this, they are not too pleased with Vrinda’s character as Namrata tells us, “None of the D3 fans like Taani as she is so very annoying. We do not like the way she acts. I don’t think we will ever accept her.”

    We tried getting in touch with Palki Malhotra of Cinevistaas, however she remained unavailable.

    We just hope the D3 producers are reading this.



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