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    Default Let's all congratulate D3's Kriyaansh on their first anniversary

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    Channel Vís Dil Dostii Dance (D3) (Cinevistaas) has a loyal fan following, so much so that they remember every happening of this show.

    And today, itís a very special day indeed for all these loyal fans. Reason? On this very day, exactly a year ago, Kriya (Shakti Mohan) had accepted Reyaanshís (Kunwar Amar) love proposal. The couple later became famous as Kriyaansh.

    Yes, Shakti is no longer a part of the project as she decided to embark on a different career journey. However, this has not stopped fans from celebrating this day.

    Hence, just for all Kriyaansh lovers we thought of reaching out to Shakti and Kunwar.

    Letís see what Kunwar said. ďI was surprised to see so many messages on my Twitter and Facebook account. Itís surprising to know that they still remember the date.Ē

    When asked, if he still misses working with good friend and co-star Shakti, Kunwar shared, ďYes, I do, but then my character in the show has moved on. In fact, even today, I will try and be there for Shaktiís calendar launch.Ē

    When we tried contacting Shakti despite repetitive attempts, she remained unavailable. She apparently kept busy for her calendar launch event. We will definitely get back with her quotes.

    Till thenÖcheers to one of the most loved jodis of Indian television. Let love prevail!!!



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