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    Default Channel [V] to offer an action-packed Maha episode between Suvreen Guggal and D3 on 24 May

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    Channel [V]s youth-oriented concepts have always catered to the needs of the young blood, and the upcoming Maha Episode to be aired on 24 May 2013 which will be a one hour extravaganza with the integration of two of their shows, Suvreen Guggal Topper of the Year (4 Lions Films and Fable Tree Pictures) and Dil Dostii Dance (Cinevistaas Ltd) is indeed going to be an exciting one.

    Talking about the Maha episode, Lavanya Anand, Content Head, Channel [V] told us, Both these shows are very popular with our audience and we did not want to lose an opportunity to show them coming together which is why we decided to have an hour long action packed episode for our Suvreen and D3 fans. The story points in these two shows lend themselves to seamlessly integrate at this juncture and this maha episode has an impact on the further tracks of both Suvreen and D3.

    She added further, In this episode, D3 team has a big wedding performance where there is a lot of money offered. However due to dramatic turn of events, the costumes get ruined, they panic and don't know if they would be able to perform. That is when they are connected to Suvreen who is interning as a designer and is struggling to survive on her own in Mumbai. Suvreen decides to take up the challenge and gets into making new clothes for the D3 group at war footing. The first trial goes horribly wrong as the clothes are very nice but the fitting requirement for dancers is not met. D3 team gets disappointed but Suvreen promises to fix it before their performance. Its a race against time as D3 team heads for the wedding venue hoping that Suvreen delivers on time.

    Would D3 be able to perform and manage to impress the clients who have paid huge amounts for their performance and would Suvreen's talent as a designer finally find the platform she has been looking for?

    All these questions will get answered in the Maha Episode airing on 24 May from 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM on Channel [V].



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