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    Default Channel [V]'s Dil Dostii Dance to take an interesting turn

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    Channel [V]’s Dil Dostii Dance, produced by Cinevistaas Ltd will see a major turning point in the relationships of the two couples, Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and Taani (Vrinda Dawda), Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari) and Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) in the coming episodes.

    While the truth about Sharon being asthmatic is going to open up before Swayam, Rey and Taani will go through a difference in point of view with regards to a particular situation.

    Loyal fans of the show had wanted to see the truth coming into the fore when it comes to the recent differences between Sharon and Swayam. Swayam, who is quite unpredictable in terms of his reactions, will have his own take on things when he gets to know of Sharon’s asthma problem. It is to be seen whether the bond between them strengthens after this, or goes weak.

    Also, the coming episodes will also focus on the fact that a relationship cannot progress without the small fights and differences. And this is exactly what Rey and Taani will go through. The different ways in which they perceive a given situation will be an interesting watch.

    When contacted, Palkhi Malhotra, Project Head, Cinevistaas Ltd said, “Yes, the upcoming episodes are interesting. We will be exploring the manner in which the couples react to the challenges that lie before them. One will get to see whether the relationships get strong or go weak under the given circumstances.

    Catch the interesting twists in Dil Dostii Dance.



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