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    Default "I can't live without dance" - Vrushika Mehta

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    Young and bubbly Vrushika Mehta who is seen in Dil Dostii Dance as Sharon, talks about her character, her life, her goal in life and much more in conversation with us.

    The very bubbly and dancing queen Vrushika Mehta, who has gained immense popularity for portraying Sharon in Channel V's Dil Dostii Dance, has a passion for dance and looks forward to participate in one of the dance reality shows to showcase her dancing skills.

    Here is Vrushika aka Sharon talking about how did she bag the role of Sharon, her future plans and her bonding with her co-stars.

    Tell us something about yourself?

    I am confused girl as I can't take decision quickly. Every time I get confused when it comes to taking a decision and I seek an advice from my Mom or Palki Ma'am. I like to do masti and I don't like to be serious; I like to live life like a kid. I really don't make friends easily as it takes time for me to know people.

    How did you bag the role of Sharon in D3?

    I got a call from the production house and they asked me to give an audition and after the auditions were done, I was selected for this role. I didn't have to struggle much. I was confused again thinking whether I have got selected or not and I asked the production people twice - Ap pakka bata sakte hain? Then I told my Mom about it who asked me to continue with my studies only as it might not be something good. I explained my Mom that it's something very good and a nice role. I was very excited to tell her everything about it and how I bagged this role.

    You replaced Sneha Kapoor who had a huge fan following, so were you confident that you will be able to gain this much of fan following?

    People have their own choices and it depends upon every individual as whom they like. It was a challenge for me to step into Sneha's shoes for this role because she was a fine actress and I tried to match up to her level. I have never thought of fan following. If people like me or not, it's their own choice and we can't force anyone to like someone. Whether we have fans or not but people are watching D3 and are encouraging us to do good work which is a big thing for us. It wasn't a challenge for me to have a big or small fan following but I give my best to portray this role with precision. It was a challenge for me to portray Sharon as I am totally opposite to her.

    What does dance means to you?

    Dance is my passion and I can do anything for it. My parents didn't allow me to take part in dance competitions but still I used lie to them and take part in inter college competitions and after winning in dance competitions, I used to tell my Mom that I participated in the competition. I can't live without dance and dance is everything for me. Wherever I am; in my room or on the set, mere haath pair chalte rehte hain (laughs).

    How did you get this passion for dance?

    My Mom also had a passion for dance but she couldn't carry it forward so she thought of getting me into dance. I used to watch music videos and follow the steps of the artists. I used to take part in dance competitions during my school and college days.

    What kind of off-screen bonding you share with Shantanu and other co-actors?

    I share a very nice bonding with everyone; all are good on the sets. Shantanu is extremely supportive and he makes fun of me a lot. He is a very good guy and he never thinks about himself. Even if I am sad, then everyone cracks a joke and makes me laugh so much so that I like it very much now. We have reached till here because we understand each other very well.

    What kind of response you get from your closed ones?

    My Dad watches my show and feels proud that I have done something in life (chuckles).

    Are you active on any of the social networking websites?

    I am on Facebook but not that much active. But whenever I am free I go on Facebook. I don't like going to surf social networking sites that much as I feel it's a waste of time. I am not interested being active on social networking sites. So many things happen nowadays because of these social networking sites like fake accounts are created to lure girls and later on revealing pictures are posted on the net because of all these it used to scare me a lot earlier.

    Tell us about one memorable incident which you can never forget...

    There have been many such incidents especially with Shantanu because he keeps playing pranks on me and so does the whole gang. I can share one when we were dancing wearing the skates. Shantanu was teaching me about the tactic of balancing while wearing the skates, when we were trying the lifting part for the dance we both fell down and were little hurt.

    Would you like to be a part of any dance reality show?

    I wanted to be a part of Dance India Dance when I was 14-15 years old. Now, I have got this and it's like a family for me now and I don't feel like going anywhere else from this. I like it very much and I don't feel like going to any other reality show as of now. Jhalak Dikhla Jaa is something really interesting and if I would get a chance then I would definitely do it because it's very glamorous and I am a big fan of Madhuri Dixit Nene. So, if I would get a chance to get into it then I would love to participate in a reality show. I can't go to Nach Baliye but I can try for Jhalak (laughs).

    What are your future plans?

    I haven't planned anything yet; let's see what happens. Nothing goes according to my plan. I haven't planned anything to get into acting as well. It all depends on my luck, whenever it's bound to happen, it will happen. I feel myself lucky that I got this role amongst so many people. That was my lucky day.

    What is your aim in life?

    I am aimless; I have no aim in life. I don't have any target or goal in my life but chalte hin jaana hai.

    Message for your fans?

    Keep watching D3, keep rocking, stay healthy, be fit and eat healthy food like I do. Study hard as exams are near and since you have time to study so study well.

    We wish Vrushika all the very best for her future endeavors!



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