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    Default Bhavin is a perfect life partner for me: Vrinda Dawda

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    We were the first to report about Vrinda Dawda (Dil Dostii Dance fame) getting engaged (gol dhana ceremony in Gujarati) in the month of April.

    However, after we published the news, the petite lady took to Twitter to negate the development and also denied the buzz as part of a comment to our article.

    But Vrinda indeed went on to solemnize her relationship on 22 April with Bhavin Mehta in what is called a gol dhana ceremony in Gujarati (similar to engagement).

    Check the picture above. The lovely couple looks wonderful and blissful.

    When we spoke to Vrinda about it she said: “It’s not really engagement but gol dhana in Gujarati wherein the relationship gets formalised. We were good friends and since December (2013) we started dating. We were comfortable with each other hence decided to take things to the next level.”

    Fair enough!!!

    So will she continue acting after matrimony? “Well, marriage won’t happen till the next two to three years. So I will work or not is something we have not decided yet. But yes, I will definitely not become a housewife. I have not quit acting, I am just in a different phase of life as of now.”

    All’s cool. But why did she deny the buzz when we asked her the first time? “We wanted to keep things under wraps for Bhavin is not from the entertainment industry. He is a good man and we love each other a lot. He is a very patient, caring guy. A perfect life partner for me.”

    We wish Vrinda and Bhavin a happy life ahead!!!



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