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    Default After the Aerial act challenge, it is time for a 'basket ball challenge' for the kids in Dil Dostii.

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    Channel [V]’s Dil Dostii Dance, produced by Cinevistaas is moving away from ‘dance’ for a brief period of time and venturing into an unknown territory, i.e. basketball.. Yes, you heard it right!! The kids of St. Louis who have been dwelling on dance from day one are now thrown a challenge of winning a basketball match..

    So how is the creative team handling this particular track? Well, we hear that the actors involved are being given professional basketball training to overcome this big challenge.. And sources from the sets of Dil Dostii Dance tell us that Shantanu Maheshwari is an ace basket ball player, and Macedon DMello who essays the role of Nilesh is a good football player. Archie Pratik aka Vikramjeet Kalsi is also good at sports. And all of them are working really hard to professionally equip their skills in playing basketball off the camera, so that they can come up with a flawless performance during the shoot.

    This particular track wherein the St. Louis kids get challenged to win a match of basketball will open up in the coming week.

    When contacted, Palki Malhotra, Project Head, Cinevistaas confirmed this piece of news saying, “Yes, we are venturing into a new territory, and all the kids are gearing up for the basketball match by training hard just like real sportsmen. The best part is that all of them are sports lovers and want to give their best to this particular track.”

    Gear up folks, to see this interesting and refreshing track in Dil Dostii Dance...



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