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    Default The Dadagiri Begins

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    Embarking on a journey to offer civilians an insight into the life of the Indian Armed Forces, UTV Bindass' D3 Commando Force: Dadagiri against Terrorism goes on air beginning this Saturday, May 8th at 7pm.

    Lining up some of the most grueling activities for the auditions, watch Ex Armymen Capt. Albert, Capt. Dharamveer & Capt. Kshitij subject participants to tasks such as monkey crawls, vertical ropes and many more in the opening episode of the first-revolutionary-reality show, which addresses terrorism, in its youth lingo! Viewers are sure to have an action packed experience as the flagship episode begins with the happenings of the Delhi auditions.

    Amplifying the assessment levels for their Commando ship training, catch participant's nerves set to be rattled with the Picture Perception Test, the Word Association Tests (WAT), the Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT) and Situation Reaction Tests (SRT).
    Will the passionate civilians be able to withstand the escalating stress levels at the auditions?

    Bringing forth the survival of the fittest, tune in to D3 Commando Force: Dadagiri against Terrorism this Saturday, May 8th at 7 p.m on UTV Bindass.



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