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    Default Veebha Anand talks about her mask

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    Followers of Sony Entertainment Television’s Crime Patrol must have witnessed the cruel and heartbreaking episode last week that dealt with the horrifying and infamous Sonali Mukherjee case in which an innocent girl gets victimised by an acid attack.

    To do justice to the character, the makers (Optimystix Production) roped in an actress known for her strong acting capabilities. And the actress is none other than Veebha Anand.

    Though the episode was aired last week, Veebha still cannot get over the character. She says, “When I went for the auditions for the same, I got terrorised and was not in the position to give a nod for the role. But as an actress I felt, I should take it up.”

    The makeup looks horrible indeed. “The makeup guys came to my place to take my face mould and for hours I was sitting at one place without moving any of my facial parts. All I could feel was I was trapped in some dark room,” reveals Veebha while talking of the applying of the mask.

    “If that was not enough, my ears and eyes were covered by makeup. In these conditions, I was not able to see and hear anything. The funny part was that I used to start delivering my lines even when it was not my shot. Someone else used to stop me and ask me to stay quiet for a while (laughs),” Veebha remarks.

    “All-in-all, I had a new experience that an actor doesn’t easily get,” the actress concludes.



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