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    Default Sony TV's Crime Patrol to showcase a mysterious tale of revenge

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    Sony Entertainment Televisionís immensely popular show Crime Patrol (Optyimystix Productions), has come up with some really thrilling and shocking cases in the recent times.

    And in the upcoming episode, the show will unlock the murder mystery planned by Keshav Sonda (35) who enters the world of crime with a Ďmotiveí that will be revealed to the viewers at the end of the episode.

    Viewers will get to see Keshav, a criminal finding his way into the jail in search of someone. And there, with the help of a number of people, he will meet a pujari. And along with his brother, Keshav will start getting trained by the pujari for some action.

    Viewers will then get to know that Keshav has been training to kill Manohar Lomi, the mukhiya of 14 villages that includes his village too. And all this, for a revenge that he has been planning for years.

    So what is the mystery about this animosity? What will be the outcome of the same?

    Watch the mysterious case unfold in the episode tonight.



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