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    Default Sony TV's Crime Patrol to portray the brutal rape case of a journalist in Mumbai

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    A city that never sleeps; a city where a woman had always felt safe- this was Mumbai sometime back.

    But this truth was shattered one August morning last year when Mumbaikars woke up to the news of a brutal attack on a woman. And sadly the city has never been the same again.

    Sony Entertainment Television’s Crime Patrol (Optimystix Production) will share a heart wrenching tale of a young scribe on an assignment with her colleague who fell prey to a brutal gang rape in broad daylight, scarring her life forever and leaving a permanent shadow on the safety of women in Mumbai.

    The young girl's colleague was assaulted and adding macabre insult to the girl’s condition; the rapists clicked her pictures on their phones and threatened to upload them on the internet if she lodged a complaint against them.

    But facing her fears, the girl with the support of her friends and family, gathered courage and reported the incident and in just eight months, the session court awarded death sentences to three of her attackers and a life term for the fourth convict.

    The case was supported country wide as a fight for justice not just to this young girl but to bring about a change in women’s protection in India.

    Host Anup Soni shares, “We have been always known as pioneers in depicting the brutal cases in the society. It is important to throw light on such critical and heinous issues with the aim of coming together to bring about a change in our society and rectifying the loopholes. The purpose is not to get into details of the case but to identify and change the limitations that exist in our society. It is talking about remedies, cures and precautions without exaggerating the rape case.”‎

    The special two episode story will be aired this weekend.



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