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    Default Sony TV's Crime Patrol to present a case of a brutal acid attack

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    Week-after- week Crime Patrol (Optimystix Productions), the popular crime-based show on Sony Entertainment Television, has been trying to create awareness amongst people about the heinous crimes that are being committed in our country.

    And in their pledge to bring an end to crimes in the city of dreams, the show has taken an important step by bringing real life stories about the people of Mumbai in their special series titled 'Mission Mumbai'.

    This week, the show is going to bring you the story of a girl who was a victim of an acid attack on a crowded station in Mumbai last year. The 24 year old jovial girl Neha Tanwar (name changed) had just arrived from Delhi with a dream to find a new job. Accompanied by her father and relatives, Neha faced the horrific terror when a stranger suddenly tapped her from behind and splashed acid on her.

    The effects of the acid completely defaced Neha leaving her family in a tragic shock. Neha’s right eye was completely damaged and her body was left with deep burns. Also she was not able to speak for long after her throat suffered burns.

    Who were the culprits behind this sinful deed? Will police be able to find the attacker and give justice to Neha?

    Catch the episode tonight and tomorrow on the show.



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