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    Default Crime Patrol takes Encounter's on air time slot on Sony TV

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    A couple of days back we informed our readers about Endemolís reality based show Encounter on Sony Entertainment Television going off air from 4 July. The show that was launched in April portrayed the Ďrise and fallí tale of dreaded bhais (underworld dons) of Mumbai.

    With the show being set to pull its curtains down, the channelís other popular series Crime Patrol (Optimystix Productions) will take its slot. The show that originally aired at the 11 pm slot will now get shifted to the 9 pm slot tri-weekly (Friday-Sunday). The first episode at this new timing will air on 5 July (Saturday).

    Crime Patrol that presents hard hitting tales of crime in the country has always been a favourite among masses, and with it taking the prime time slot the channel hopes to gain a better response.

    Said a source from the channel, ďEncounter was wrapped up quite haphazardly and thus to fill up the prime time slot, the channelís tried and tested show has been brought in its place.Ē

    As for the late night slot of 11pm, a repeat of a channelís exiting show will air. Which show? That is yet to be decided but our bet is on CID (he he).

    Keep reading this space for more news and updates.



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