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    Default Crime Patrol to show a Maharashtra based series

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    Sony TVís reality crime based show Crime Patrol is all set to show case the story of Purnima who is forced to attend the physical desires of customers.

    The most popular crime series on Sony Entertainment Television Crime Patrol is all set to showcase a Maharashtra episode.

    The episode says tells the story of Poornima, a 14 year old girl, kept inside Rangoli Natya Gruh against her wishes. She is forced to attend to the physical desires of customers.

    Rangoli Natya Gruh from the outside looks to be a center for performing arts but in reality is a prostitution center where minors are held.

    Fauzia Parveen, a social worker who is striving to provide a better environment for underprivileged children to facilitate their education hears about Poornima being trapped inside Rangoli Natya Gruha, and takes it upon herself to rescue her from the clutches of the prostitution then.

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