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    says Upasana Singh who will be seen in Bani - Ishq Da Kalma....

    We got in touch with the talented actress Upasana Singh who is currently seen in the comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil. She will also be seen in Damini K Shetty's popular daily soap Bani - IshqDaKalma from the comingFriday. Here she shares her feelings about her journey as an actor in Bollywood as well as in the Indian Television industry.
    Let's have a lookonwhat she said...

    Tell me something about your character in Bani - IshqDaKalma.

    I will be playing Sohum's Bua in the show. She is a stern and very strong headed woman with lot ofshadesto the character. Mostly my character is very positive but at times it becomes negative too. Like for instance you can take the current track which is going on in the show where Sohum's marriage happens withRajjiand he is not happy with it. So I, who is like her mother feels bad too aboutSohumand somewhat don't likeRajji.But apart from the positive and negative shades I will also be seen doing a little bit of comedy too at times.

    How are you feeling being a part of this show?

    I am feeling very nice being a part of this show. My character is very interesting and that is what I like the most. Nearly 90 percent of the cast in this showarePunjabis and even I am a Punjabi so it is fun getting along with Punjabi people. It feels like a family when I am on the sets.

    Did you follow Bani - IshqDaKalma?

    I was not a regular viewer of the show before I took up this character but from the time I have signed this show I have started watching it. I believe that before getting into your character you need to follow the storyline and also know about the other characters in the story since then it becomes much easier to act as you know what is going on in the show.

    What made you take up this show?

    I am an actor and getting such quality work made me met this opportunity. The best part about taking this show was that it hasamazing co-actors to work with and the Production house is very supportive and skilled. It feels really good when you get to work with talented people.

    So do you like being a part of daily soaps?

    I had taken a break from daily soaps. It has been like more than two years since Ihave takena daily soap. I am not saying that daily soaps are difficult to do, I like them a lot but they are hectic too. I also had many movies in hand so I thought about taking a break from television. But so far I am very happy with my television career. I have been lucky enough to get really good shows so far.

    You are also a part of the comedy show - Comedy Nights With Kapil, so how are you going to manage both the shows together?

    Comedy Nights with Kapil hardly requires me to shoot for like two days and I am done because it is a weekly show unlike Bani Ishq DaKalma which is a daily soap so I don't think there would be any problem for me regarding shooting for two shows together. But yes, if Comedy Nights with Kapil was a daily soap then I wouldn't have taken Bani - Ishq Da Kalma, because it wouldn't be possible to do two dailysoapstogether.

    How is the experience of being a part of Comedy Nights With Kapil?

    Comedy Nights with Kapil is a very nice show. I have always loved doing comic roles. I am most famous also because of my comic roles. Apart from that this show is just mind blowing to be a part of. This show is very much loved by the viewers too and that can be seen from the TRP ratings of the show too. My character is very much appreciated in the show and I am very happy doing this show.

    What is your first preference - comedy shows or daily soaps?

    My preference is both. I look forward to quality work and want to be remembered by the viewers for my acting. I am always open to any type of role be it positive, negative, comic or any other. The best part is that the viewers accept me every time with whatever new I come up with. I like taking up challenging roles as it makes me grow as an actor. I feel as an actor, I should try on all the possible roles and be ready for anything that is new.

    You have acted in many movies too, so how is it being a part of Bollywood?

    Movies are my first love and will always stay so. Movies take a very short time to get completed and the feedback on your character comes fast as soon as the movie releases. Working in movies happens smoothly unlike Television shows that take years to get completed. This is a plus point for movies which I like very much. You get some time for yourself too when you aredoingmovies.

    How did acting happen to you?

    My only dream since childhood was to become an actor. Whenever anybody used to ask me on what will you become when you grow up, I used to always answer - I will become an actress. Even in my school I was always the main lead when it used to come to dancing competition and dramatics. However since I came from a Sikh family it was not easy to dream about taking acting as a career. My family used to think that acting was not a good field to get into since I was a girl. But my mother was very supportive and always let me do what I wantedtoo.

    I initially started with theatre after which movies and daily soaps came my way. I came to Mumbai and I did not have to struggle much as lots of projects were pouring. So my journey in this industry was very smooth so far. I am thankful to god and the people who have guided me and given me work for my talent. I wish this continues ahead too and I keep making my family proud.

    We wish all the luck to Upasana!



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