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    Default Is Sunil Grover insecure of Kapil Sharma?

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    The latest news buzz is that Sunil Grover was insecure of Kapil Sharma and hence wants to come up with his own show.

    The news is buzzing in the media that Gutthi might no longer be a part of the show Comedy Nights with Kapil which airs on Colors. One of the reasons that came to light was that Grover asked for a price hike in his salary, which was not granted to him and he had to take a step ahead and leave the show.

    Recently we had also reported that Sunil Grover who got immense fame through the K9 Productions popular comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil, might return back to the show as he had said, "I am in talks with the show and the channel. The meetings are on for the same."

    To know the entire story behind the matter on what made Sunil Grover quit the show Comedy Nights with Kapil, we got in touch with our reliable source from the production house who unfolded the true story saying, "Well it is true that Sunil Grover had demanded for price hike in his pay. The amount he demanded was almost the triple of the amount that he was being paid, that too for his appearance in the show for only 6 mins. It was definitely not appropriate to his appearance, and even though nobody agreed to his price hike, yet the channel took the interest of sorting it out with the best deal."

    But well the things did not seem to have sorted and Grover has already taken up on another show on another channel.

    It was also said that Sunil's contract got over but then so had the contract of other actors too but it was only Sunil who asked for a hike. Our source further added saying, "It all started with the contract renewal. Comedy Nights with Kapil was supposed to come for only 26 episodes as it is was planned earlier, but due to the popularity of the show they had to go on with the episodes further too. At the time of the contract renewal Sunil Grover demanded for a price hike, when no other actors of the show demanded for the price hike, are they not as popular as Gutthi? Sunil had many meetings with the channel but with every meeting his money demand went even more higher. Once he had also said that he is not comfortable playing the character of Gutthi and he needs a change, so he wants to quit the show."

    "At the end he said that since he has got a lot of popularity through the character of Gutthi, he would like to come up with his own show and not work with K9 Productions as it was Kapil's show and not his show."

    "He recently went to the U.S for a vacation, which is what he had informed the show's Production house. Sunil said he was very much tired and wanted to go on a break, but we later came to know the truth that he went to do some live shows out there. He has all the rights to do the shows as the others also are doing, but he should not have lied about it. The trust factor then goes down."

    The news is also buzzing that he is coming up with 'The Gutthi Show' on another channel soon. We tried contacting Sunil Grover many a times to know the story from his end too, but he maintains, "Due to prior commitments I had to leave the show and I don't want to comment on this matter."

    Well, we really wonder on what is going around? Is Sunil Grover really insecure of Kapil? Or has the fame of Gutthi made him take this step of growing in his career?



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