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    Default Pranked!!! When Mr. Bachchan scared the hell out of Chandan aka Raju of Comedy Nights...

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    Whoever thought that Mr. Bachchan could fool someone on a comedy show?

    Yes, as reported in the media, Amitabh Bachchan was on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil (K9/SOL Productions) last night to promote his upcoming movie, Bhootnath Returns. The episode turned out to be one of the most hilarious ones and Kapil and his team plan to run it for two consecutive days – this Saturday and Sunday.

    Now, the high point of the shoot was an awesome prank played by Sr. Bachchan on Kapil’s servant in the show and friend in real life, Chandan Prabhakar aka Raju.

    We hear that Bachchan and Kapil pre-planned the foolery. Hence, when the shooting started and Chandan walked on the stage to say his lines, the senior artist acted as if he was offended by his words and behaviour.

    Says a source: “It was hilarious. Amitabhji got all somber and threatened to walk out of the show. A dumbfounded Chandan did not know how to react and started pleading the star to stay back and forgive him. But Bachchanji did not give up on the prank and continued to act hurt and disinterested in being on the show.”

    Ha ha…funny!!!

    Listen more from the source: “Bachchanji’s act brought tears in Chandan’s eyes and he even started trembling. This is when the prank was revealed and everyone started laughing. Chandan was relieved and he took some time to put himself together.”

    This is one prank that will be talked about for days to come.

    Furthermore, Bachchan’s co-stars Parth Bhalerao and Boman Irani from the film too joined him on the show.

    We contacted Chandan to know more about what happened but he refused to comment.

    Don’t miss the fun-filled episodes this weekend and keep reading this space.



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