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    Default Kudos!!! Kapil Sharma campaigns for & wins elephant Sunder's release

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    Kapil Sharma is an unabashed animal lover. No further proof of this fact is needed than his relentless campaign to free the captured elephant Sunder who has been confined by an MP Vinay Kore from Maharashtra for seven years. Sunder is on the verge of being relocated to his natural habitat.

    Kapil who has been fighting for Sunder’s release has every reason to feel happy.

    Says the exultant laugh-giver, “I cannot bear cruelty to animals. When I heard about Sunder my heart melted. I started a campaign on Twitter and on my show to free Sunder. After I took the initiative Bachchan Saab, Madhuri Dixitji and others also tweeted and expressed their grave concern. Soon there was an outcry this politician’s cruel decision to confine the politician. Now the honourable courts have ordered that Sunder be sent back to his natural home.”

    Now that the honourable courts have ordered that Sunder be re-located to his original habitat Kapil can breathe easy. “The wait for justice to be done for Sunder was agonizing. I cannot see animals or children being mistreated. I always end my show Comedy Nights With Kapil with the imploration that one must love animals and respect women.”

    Kapil’s respect for women is also significant in the light of the fact that he is seen ridiculing his stage wife Sumona Chakravarty relentlessly.

    Says Kapil. “Some people think I am being disrespectful to women by taunting Sumona. But my banter and raillery with her is all scripted for laughs. In real life I’d never speak to any woman like that.”



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