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    Default Kapil Sharma's priorities shift: To focus on movie career; Comedy Nights to air once a week

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    The very talented super-entertainer Kapil Sharma whose career has been on a breathtaking upswing since 2013 is all set to embark on a movie career.

    Having just signed Yashraj Films Bank Chor to be directed by Bumpy, Kapil is faced by a new time-management crisis.

    He would now have to truncate his very popular comedy show Comedy Nights With Kapil (Colors) by half to be able to accommodate the film debut.

    Says Kapil, By now somehow managing my schedules has become a habit for me. I am talking to you early in the morning after having worked on my show for 36 hours. Doing two episodes every week means Ive to provide at least 70 minutes of content every week. Its not easy to think up funny gags every 10 seconds. We cant afford to let our audience get bored for even a few moments.

    Given the time constraints Comedy Nights With Kapil would have to revert to its one-episode-per-week format to accommodate Kapils movie career. The film starts shooting in April.

    Says Kapil, Ive no choice but to do this. The channel Colors doesnt want me to do the show only once a week. But for the sake of the film Ive no choice but to cut down my television show by half.

    Kapil says he is very gung-ho about his film debut. I waited a very long time to do a movie. I didnt want to just carry over my Comedy Nights image into my movie career. When I heard the script of Bank Chor I was completely taken up. It allows me room not only for comic scenes, there is also an element of seriousness in the story.

    The leading lady is yet to be decided. Its basically the story of the guys. So the male casting is being done first. I am happy that Id be making my film debut with a Yashraj films. I grew up watching their films. I never dreamt Id be part of a Yashraj film one day.

    All the best, Kapil!!!



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