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    Default Comedy Nights with Kapil has a theatre-like experience: Sumona Chakravarti

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    Sumona Chakravarti aka Natasha of Sony Entertainment Television’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, is quite excited about her new comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil which will soon air on Colors.

    “It is a unique combination of fiction, non-fiction, daily drama and comedy. We have a base script but since our shooting flow follows a one take method (no master, OS and cut etc), it is more of a theatre-like experience. And what really takes the cake is that there are lots of interactions with the audience happening while the show is on. We also have phone ins and conference calls. And yes, we will have celebrity guests like Dharmendra, Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi who will add value to the show,” she avers.

    “And yes, how can I forget Siddhuji? He sits in the audiences as a mentor and adds to the run repartee,” the actress adds talking about Navjot Singh Siddhu.

    Talking about her character in the show, Sumona says, “I play the sexy Bengali wife of a broke Kapil called Sharmaji who has turned his house into a studio where he takes interviews of celebrities. This combo of a Bong and a Punjabi makes for fun viewing. My character (Mrs. Sharma) loves her husband, but yet, takes his case as any wife would. Our crazy on-screen family also includes Ali Asgar who essays a modern dadi and Upasna Singh who plays Kapil’s unmarried sister.”

    Sumona, who first debuted in comedy shows with Comedy Circus last year, owes a lot of her comic timing to Kapil who was her partner in the above mentioned hit Sony Entertainment Television show.
    “Since I call him bhai, it was a bit awkward playing his wife. I had then told him upfront that if I falter a bit, he should help me out. Luckily, he understood my viewpoint and now we share a great camaraderie, a lot of which is impromptu adding to the fun quotient. This also helps our characters as a lot of interactions between a husband and a wife can’t be scripted. I am also impressed by Sunil Grover who will essay many characters in Comedy Nights with Kapil,” she ends.



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