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    Default Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda go down the memory lane!

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    Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda go down the memory lane as they share with us about their experience in Dubai for Colors' Comedy Nights with Kapil.

    As we have earlier reported that the stars of Colors’ popular show Comedy Nights with Kapil flew to Dubai for their live show. We asked actor from Comedy Nights... to share their experience about shooting in Dubai and more...

    The popular faces of the show Dadi and Palak/Lachcha spoke to us about their trip to Dubai.

    Ali Asgar who is loved as Dadi says, "It was superb. It felt like you are at home. Right from the airport to hotel and when we reached at the venue, the fans mobbed us and we were pleased to see their gesture. Though Dubai is very much similar to India in terms of style, eateries etc. however, the only difference between Dubai and India is the importance of life."

    "We received an overwhelming response. There were around 4000 people who attended our show. We performed a live show which was a house full and the response we received in the auditorium was something that can't be expressed. We even shot on the roads where Arabs recognized us; they complimented for the acting and appreciated for our show. Even though they don't understand Hindi still they watch the show with their friends and enjoy it," says Ali.

    Which all places has Ali roamed? He answers, "I have been to many places starting from Desert Safari, Burj Khalifa to Yacht and then to the Auditorium. It was all fun there and the only thing which did not go down well with me was the climate of Dubai. It was completely hot there as we went there during a peak season as its hot and humid there."

    When quizzed Ali about the best thing he found in Dubai? He says, "I liked everything out there, we could easily walk on the road there and the best thing in Dubai is their restaurants. I am not at all a shopaholic but a big time food lover and I enjoyed having food there at Pakistani restaurants."

    Another actor who enjoyed this trip was Kiku Sharda who essays the character of Palak and Lachcha in the show. Here is he sharing his experience -

    How was Comedy Nights with Kapil in Dubai? “It was such an overwhelming experience. Living in Mumbai we do not realize how popular one can get because people in Mumbai are used to seeing actors in a movie theater or a mall or in a hotel or any other place. People here are very used to it. But when you go outside the country or probably outside the city, one realizes the kind of crazy following one has.

    In Dubai we were actually shocked with the kind of response that we got. We had performed there in an auditorium which had the capacity of 4000 people. There were people waiting outside the auditorium as well who were waiting and wanting to see the show live. Maximum tickets were sold for 1000 Dirham which is almost equal to 17,000 rupees. It was a crazy experience,” says Kiku.

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    “In our hotels also we could barely stand in the lobby. There were a lot of people who wanted to click photos with us. Apart from the show, we also shoot on the roads and in the deserts of Dubai. Our stay was extremely heart-warming because people there actually made us realize about our popularity and how much they loved us. Kapil Sharma’s fans were crazy. He used to get attacked and mobbed by the people. He was hiding most of the time (laughs),” he further adds.

    One incident that Kiku will cherish forever... “While we were eating at a restaurant, someone wanted to pay our bill. They were like ‘we are huge fans of yours and we want to pay the bill of the food that you are eating.’ We tried to explain them that we ourselves are not paying our bills. It is from the organizers but they were still very eager to pay our bill. That person was so generous; he did not have anything at the moment to give us so he wanted to pay the bill as a souvenir. Finally he agreed. It was a weird conversation that we had with him because he was so much in awe and star stuck at that moment.”

    We wish all the luck to Kiku, Ali and the entire team of Comedy Nights with Kapil.



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