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    Default Pooja Misrra's secret affair with Faisal Saif?

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    The Bigg Boss controversial model-anchor Pooja Misrra walked on the Red Carpet of Colors Golden Petal Awards 2012 recently. Pooja was keeping a very low profile these days and was seen after a long time. But she walked in with a handsome man and the Press were trying to figure out who that man was? The man was Faisal Saif.

    Faisal Saif is a Journalist who writes for various publications and Co-Editor for Global Movie magazine which was earlier called Movie. He is also the same Film maker who is known for his controversial film 'Jigyaasa' (2006) starring Hrishitaa Bhatt. It was in the press and media that Faisal Saif was also involved in a relationship with pakistani actress Meera. It is now heard that Pooja Misrra and Faisal Saif are seen in public very much these days. Sources who were present at the award function also saw them sitting together very romantically and after the function was over, They both left together.

    However, When contacted, Pooja Misrra and Faisal Saif remained unavailable for comments.



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