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    Default 24 will change the face of Indian television: Abhinay Deo

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    Abhinay Deo, who shot to fame with his deft handling of Aamir Khan’s Delly Belly, is gung-ho about his first TV directorial assignment, the Indian avatar of the hit international espionage series 24 produced by Anil Kapoor.

    “I am sure we will change the face of Indian television with this film on small screen, ”shares Abhinay. 24 on Colors, will trace a day in the life of a government agent (Anil Kapoor) who is caught between his country and family.

    The director however refuses to speculate on the casting besides Anil Kapoor. “For the moment, you have to be satisfied with the ‘jhakkas’ man only. We are working on the other names and the list will be out soon,” smiles Abhinay.

    Abhinay, son of well-known Marathi film actor couple Ramesh and Seema Deo feels, “Adapting this international format to Indian sensibilities should not be a problem for, it already contains two elements intrinsic to India i.e. patriotism (all films of this genre have been super hits) and emotions (we are all very sentimental). As for last element of rush against time, this is indeed something new. But we need to push the envelope somewhere to get ahead right.

    Just how confident he is can be gauged by the fact that he’s decided not to take up any more projects for the next six-eight months.

    “Indian audiences are now ready for something as radical and interesting as this (high octane action, real locations and drama etc). They are also game for a finite series formats (24 episodes), nothing like this has been attempted before on Indian small screen,” Abhinay observes.

    We wish Abhinay and team all the very best!!!



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