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    Default Reasons Why Code Red is an AWESOME show

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    Colors' latest presentation Code Red has become one of the most popular shows in the real-life adaptation category. With a theme that deals with stories of courage, fights, fears and human psyche, it has become a must watch show. We tell you why Code Red is an awesome on:

    Sakshi Tanwar's Hosting Skills:

    The quintessential bahu of the small screen is back on TV with an interesting show. Here, she starts off with an anecdote and takes us through the lives of individuals who have been forced into a hell hole, thanks to the demands of the society. Her hosting skills, combined with her compassionate voice and fine diction, make the show a complete package. There's no over-the-top acting, just plain statement of facts with a call to youngsters to not do anything stupid just because life is not looking up at this minute.

    Inspiring Stories:

    There are many shows on TV right now that are dealing with real life incidents of youngsters in tight spots. But not all of them are inspiring. On the other hand, this Colors' show acts as a counsellor for the youth of the society. From stories on drug-related issues to those based on parental pressures, there's a lot a person can learn from the episodes. In fact, not just kids even their parents can learn a lesson or two from the show.

    Realistic Acting:

    What makes this show stand apart from the rest is the realistic acting that each character delivers. Despite being from a generation of melodramatic serials, the actors are real, believable and relatable. They don't pretend for the cameras, but make sure to enlighten the audiences with their acting and dialogue delivery. Very few shows offer such a true-to-life scenario and acting. Reason enough to watch the show, eh?

    Episodics Rule:

    One of the reasons Code Red should be on your list is because it's an episodic where a story concludes in the same episode itself. It's no wonder that these episodics have a better pull with the viewers than regular soaps. There are no continuity issues, no sudden twists and turns and definitely no age leaps and amnesia! Why won't we watch such new-age shows?

    Are you enjoying watching Code Red? Let us know in the comment box below.



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