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    Default A case of Doping on Colors' Code Red!

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    Colors' crime based show Code Red, will focus on the issue of Doping in its upcoming episode.

    Colors' crime based Code Red, which projects the stories about various crimes happening across the nation, will highlight the issue of Doping in its upcoming episode.

    Our source informs us, "The story will revolve around an athlete. There are number of cases reported about Doping during Olympics and this week the show will focus on this hard hitting crime faced by an innocent sports woman."

    Elaborating more on the story, our source says, "The story is about an athlete who joins sports academy to polish her ability and reach Olympics. However, the girl belongs to a poor family which acts as sin for her as the selection team prefers other influential girls above her. But the girl tops the exams which leaves no option then to trap the girl in a doping case to make her stay away from the Olympics."

    "The story will unfold when Kabir (Yash Sinha) will fight and seek justice for the girl and ultimately she will make the first record as a female to win the Olympic match," ends the source.

    Keep reading this space for latest developments!



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