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    Default Code Red - Simply outstanding!

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    Colors' crime based show Code Red, is a masterpiece when it comes to narrating and projecting real life crime stories.

    Code Red

    Mon to Sat at 10.30pm only on Colors

    Produced & Directed by: Multiple production houses.

    Cast: Saakshi Tanwar, Manish Chaudhari, Yash Sinha and various others

    Show is about: It is based on real life crime stories dramatized for TV viewers. Every week, six episodes featuring stories based on various human weaknesses, are presented through three prominent themes under the brand umbrella of Code Red'. 1) Umeed - focuses on Suicide stories who are on the verge of ending their lives, 2) Awaaz - talks about violence against women and children and 3) Chakravyuh - sheds light on various forms of entrapment - physical and psychological.

    1) Umeed- This series feature stories of people who are convinced that ending their life is the only solution to their problems. The episodes delve into the psyche of these victims, investigate the reasons and show them the path to redeem themselves and their lives while bringing positivity in their outlook. A helpline operated by the Vandrevala Foundation empowers the victims to get back on the right track. The stories feature actor Manish Chaudhari as Dr. Prashant Bhaskar who fights against time to prevent disoriented souls from losing hope and their life.

    2) Awaaz- This series consists of stories of crimes against women and children. It gives us the reasons why crimes such as infanticide, murder, rape, abduction, foeticide and flesh trade among others, are committed. The show helps us to understand the psychological issues behind it like lack of education, upbringing or inferiority complex to name few. The stories will unfold through journalist Kabir played by Yash Sinha, as he investigates various crimes.

    3) Chakravyuh- Stories based under this theme are focused on entrapment - both physical and psychological. The episodes talk about the journeys of individuals who are entangled in a situation and their battle for survival. The stories are narrated from the first-hand perspective of a victim as he/she encounters and overcomes a trapped' situation.

    What works: Dividing crime stories in 3 different categories like Suicide, Violence and Entrapment is, a unique idea which differentiate Code Red' from other crime shows. The casting is done appropriately. Conscious mind of the lead characters giving both negative and positive aspect of the situation also helps in understanding their point of view. Actors like Sakshi Tanwar, Manish Chaudhari and Yash Sinha do their role with utmost sincerity.

    What not works: With Sakshi Tanwar as an anchor the show is bound to get compared with her earlier crime show Crime Patrol Dastak'. Also, the late night 10.30pm slot might affect the viewership to an extent.

    Our take: There are various crime shows on small screen but what make Code Red' different from them, are the unusual stories. There are episodes where the stories take unexpected turn for the good which is not common in crime stories. It shows how simple decisions taken firmly can bring you out from the toughest situation. Though the show is about dark side of human nature it also helps in building self confidence and positive thinking in the end. It's worth a watch even if it is late night!



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