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    Default Anuj Sharma spreads awareness about AIDS through Colors’ Code Red

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    Actor Anuj Sharma believes that theatre, television and films are strong mediums of educating, informing and entertaining people. His journey as an actor and as an artist began by exploring himself on stage in these mediums.

    Recently, Anuj who usually dons negative roles, played the character of an extremely positive person who would get bullied and harassed owing to which his life will get miserable in Colors’ Code Red – Umeed (Fremantle Media).

    Talking about it, Anuj says, “In India, we have so many cultures, customs and traditions that add up to the beauty of India. But the shadowed aspect in our society is very heart-breaking. The treatment to the poor, illiterate, to the ones with physical disorders and especially the ones who have some serious diseases like HIV.”

    He adds on, “I don’t say all treat the above badly, but there are some people who shudder at the mention of the word HIV. The thought that will hit many will be the man’s hunger for sex. But people are not aware about the various causes of it other than sex.”

    In Code Red, Anuj will play the role of a happily married guy who would be living his life with his wife and daughter. However, the man will unfortunately contract HIV from a barber’s blade at the saloon. The story will then trace the man’s journey on how he would be humiliated by the entire society. The frustrated man will try to detach from his family when his family will make him realize that love can cure everything and gives a message that irrespective of having AIDS, life can be smooth if taken care with love and affection.

    At the outset, Anuj avers, “I wish people should have an urge to vision and to knowledge, in addition to having love and affection. If such a world can be created, guess one will be able to conquer all fears, including the serious diseases that we battle.”

    This episode will have Shweta Dadich and Harsh Sharma playing Anuj’s family. Manish Chaudhary too will play a pivotal role.



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