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    Default Aditya Singh Rajput re-lives an actor’s life on screen for Code Red

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    An actor’s life might have the best of everything, but behind the curtains and spot lights, an actor faces struggles and challenges.

    Earlier in the day, we reported about the murky love tale of Pooja Pihal, Ravi Bhatia and Heena Parmar. And here is Aditya Singh Rajput talking about how every actor’s life has some shortcomings in terms of relationship and success value. Read on...

    The super model, who has done more than 200 projects, will be seen playing a simple TV actor in the coming episode of Code Red on Colors. The episode that has been inspired by the Jiah Khan tragedy, will have Aditya paired opposite Vindhya Tiwari. The latter will enact the role of the deceased super model.

    Post her suicide, Aditya’s character will be taken as the prime accused and what would transpire next will be for viewers to see.

    Talking about his character, the young actor shared, “The role is a very challenging one and with some really exciting shades. It not just goes in for transformation in terms of looks but attitude and personality also. This has been a really satisfying project as an actor and I am really looking forward to the episode.”

    Aditya added, “Since I am playing an actor in the episode, I can relate to the tumultuous journey and the struggles actors usually face. I think the key to success is to just keep your feet grounded and never ever let fame affect you."

    “As far as relationship matters go, I have seen so many careers getting scrapped because they made the wrong choice about their partners. I think one should be really careful while choosing a partner and shouldn't let their professional matters seep into their personal ones,” he added.

    The actor, who has also been part of episodes of shows like Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Yeh Hai Aashiqui and many more, will also be seen in SAB TV’s Peterson Hills next as a regular character



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