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    Default Wedding bells for Gadhaprasad in SAB TV's Chidiyaghar

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    Grand celebrations will engulf the upcoming episodes of Chidiyaghar

    SAB TV's Chidiyaghar has amused and entertained the viewers with its unique concept and its characters that have gained immense popularity amongst masses. One of them is Gadhaprasad, who is loved by both old and young audiences. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness their beloved Gadhaprasad tie the knot and entire Narayan family enjoying the grand wedding celebrations. But there is a twist to this tale.

    Kesari Narayan (Rajendra Gupta) the patriarch of the family gets wedding invitation from Chopra, their neighbours. Their daughter Kasturi is getting married. Bauji gets alarmed knowing about Gadha's affection towards her. Meanwhile Gadhaprasad has gone to Billo Bua's house and Bauji tries to contact him. He returns heartbroken and runs away from home.

    The family seeks help from police to find him and the case is being handled by Gopi and Gulgule. Gadhaprasad gets several proposals and he decided to decline them by some or the other way. But, there is no escape for him as bauji and the entire clan has decide to get him married.

    We contacted Bauji aka Rajendra Gupta who told us, "I have decided to arrange Gadha's wedding. Everyone in the family is brimming with excitement and is helping for making all the arrangements. I have divided various activities into each one of the family members. Ghotak and Gomukh will arrange for pandal, travel of our relatives, decorations etc.Mayuri and Koyal will manage the food arrangements, gifts, shopping for the bride, kids are busy helping the elders and I am overlooking all the preparations myself."

    A grand wedding reception was hosted for Gadhaprasad and Naagin anchored by Saaransh, who plays the role of Kapi in Chidiyaghar. The Narayan family as well as Naagin's family and friends attended the reception. All the family members danced and performed in the celebrations.

    Kapi gets Gadha and Naagin to search for a ring hidden in a big bowl of grains and followed that up with another game. A large cake with roses on top was cut by Gadha and Naagin amidst loud applause by the guests.



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