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    Default SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar & Jeannie Aur Juju team visit Delhi

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    The cast and crew of TV show’s Chidiya Ghar and Jeannie Aur Juju visit the capital to meet the fans. The team’s visit to Delhi will help them strengthen their bond with the audience.

    Known for its innovative and differentiated content SAB TV has successfully jumped up the ladder in the GEC space & is currently at the number four rank. As per TAM data of this week it has garnered 319 million TVT's and has strengthened its position in key HSM markets like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat etc.

    SAB TV's light heart content appeals to audiences across all age groups and its shows Chidiya Ghar & Jeannie Aur Juju has wide fan following amongst masses.

    Recently, Paresh Ganatra (Ghotak) & Sumit Arora (Gomukh) along with EVP & Business Head, SAB TV, Mr. Anooj Kapoor visited Delhi. They were joined by talented and vivacious Navina Bole (Priya) from Jeannie Aur Juju team. This visit was special for Chidiya Ghar cast as they have recently completed 500 episodes and was thrilled to meet their fans across various parts of the city.

    Mr. Anooj Kapoor, EVP & Business Head, SAB TV said, "SAB TV for more than five years has been entertaining the audiences with its light heart shows which highlight the positives of Indian joint families.

    More and more families across Hindi heartland have become a part of SAB family over the years and now SAB is a strong no 4 channel .Our visit to Delhi will help us strengthen our bond with our loved audiences."

    Ghotak aka Paresh Ganatra said, "I'm glad to see that Delhites have appreciated my character for its quirkiness and humor. It's great to be working with Sumit as we bond off the sets and have lot of common interests. While we enact scenes we have lot of improvisation and give inputs to each other which make the scene even more real. At times people mistake us to be real brothers instead of reel ones."

    Gomukh aka Sumit Arora added, "It has been enriching experience to be working with Paresh as a costar.My character and its nuances and his love for grammar is been well received by the viewers. Many a time's fans come to me and request me to talk in that language. It's great to get such response & love from your fans."

    Priya aka Navina Bole said, "I have received mails, messages across India and people are in awe of Priya as a character. I love the appreciation showered upon me by audiences and especially

    Meanwhile in Chidiya Ghar Gomukh gets a lesson based on Babuji's teachings, "Boye Ped Babool Ka Toh Aam Kahan Se Hoye". Gomukh goes to the market to buy some veggies and finds some goons misbehaving with a girl and comes to her rescue. He protests and ends up teaching the goons a lesson. Soon, everyone in the vicinity starts treating him as Gomukh Bhai. Babuji makes him realise his mistake. Will Gomukh understand Babuji's words of wisdom?

    In Jeannie Aur Juju Johnny has finished his sentence in jail and comes back to get his first love Priya.

    Jeannie on the other hand lands another wrong spell thereby erasing Vicky from everyone's memory, including Jeannie's! This is the perfect opportunity for Johny to try his luck with Priya. So, does Priya fall for Johny & do Jeannie & Priya manage to recover their memory about Vicky makes for an exciting story in Jeannie Aur Juju.

    Tune into Chidiya Ghar at 9.00 p.m. and Jeannie Aur Juju at 9.30pm, every Mon-Friday only on SAB TV.



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