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    Default Paresh Ganatra - the prankster on Chidiyaghar

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    Paresh Ganatra pulled off a prank on senior actor Rajendra Gupta and had everyone in splits!

    Paresh Ganatra besides being one of TV's finest actors is also one of the biggest pranksters. On the sets of Chidiyaghar he is the mastermind behind all pranks. Everyone on the show has been subject to his pranks and very recently even senior most actor Rajendra Gupta (Babuji) too fell for one and had the unit members in splits!!!
    Chidiya Ghar's current track will see everyone recreating the magic of Mughal era through the story of Akbar and Birbal. Babuji is playing Akbar's character, Gomukh is playing Birbal, Mayuri is playing Anarkali and Ghotak is playing clever Barber & Koyal is playing his wife.

    In the story, Rajendra Gupta plays Akbar and Gomukh plays Birbal who along with other cast members are seen in colourful Mughal attires depicting their respective roles. Their majestic enactment is certain to provide their audiences with a rich visual treat. As the track comes to an end, the family understands that devising an evil plot for someone else's downfall normally results into your own.

    However, it's not all work and no play on the sets of Chidiya Ghar. Ghotak (played by Paresh Ganatra) is known for his skills as a prankster on the sets. Ghotak who will be playing the role of a barber in the track needed to shave Babuji in a sequence. Along with the help of other cast members he pretended that the razor which was to be used for shaving had a real blade. After they finished shooting for the scene, the truth was finally revealed to Babuji. Although Rajendra Gupta was startled for a moment, he soon had a hearty laugh with other cast members. However, Babuji reversed the prank by punishing Ghotak and having him stand on the bench for an hour!

    Rajendra Gupta exclaimed, "Everyone is like a family and we have a lot of fun on the sets. Usually, Paresh and I play pranks on everyone but this time I was fooled by him. It was more surprising to see everyone was a part of the prank along with him. Soon we all had a good laugh about it"



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