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    Default Mystery of the guy unfolds in Chidiya Ghar!

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    Viewers of SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar to witness the mystery behind the unconscious guy in the house.

    Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) is one such long lasting comic show on SAB TV that has made sure they do not cease pleasing the audience in any manner. Looks like makers of the show have brain stormed a lot to churn out the best twist in the story.

    So far, viewers have witnessed that an unconscious guy is found in the house and everyone in the family have brought in an ambulance and police for investigation. After all of the investigation, police concludes saying Gomukh (Sumit Arora) is one of the suspect from the family.

    Our source informs us about the upcoming track. "A guy who is found in the house has a back story to it. To link the entire sequence of a guy getting found and going into coma. The back story is that the guy who is found in the house has actually come to meet a girl after eight years. He used to love her and specially came to meet her. But now, the girl is already married and she has no interest in him any more. This leads to him getting unconscious and driving him into coma."

    Ahh!! This is some kinda drama!!

    Keep reading this space for more updates on your favorite shows.



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