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    Default Machli's mother to find a solution to everyone's "hair problem" in SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar

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    SAB TVís Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) is currently running a track, the message of which is against using cheap or free beauty products as they can have harmful side effects.
    In the ongoing track, we have witnessed the members of Chidiya Ghar getting frustrated because of their hair turning gray after using a lesser-priced product. To solve this problem, Machliís (Jayshree Soni) mother will now try to find a solution by seeking advice from her Bengali relatives.

    A source informs us that Mithi (Machliís mother) will first mix bitter gourd juice in rasgullas and make the members of Chidiya Ghar have them. When this method will not bear any result, she will come up with another solution. The second solution will be to take steam of the same oil that turned their black hair white so that the hair comes back again to its natural colour. But unfortunately that too wonít work in their favour.

    So how do they solve their problem?

    For more info when we contacted Jayshree Soni aka Machli, she stated, ďThere has to be a solution to get the colour of everyoneís hair back to normal. This track will teach people a suggestive lesson of how beauty products bought for lower prices can have its own negative side effects. The third solution that Machliís mother will come up with will put an end to their problems.Ē

    For the third solution, watch the show!!!



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