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    Default Jeetu Shivhare aka Gadha Prasad is back on Chidiya Ghar in a dual role

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    Viewers of Chidiya Ghar are already viewing Mendak Prasad, the younger brother of Gadha Prasad on SAB TV.

    Now the show promises to get all the more exciting with a new storyline.

    Earlier, there was lot of speculation about Gadha Prasad aka Jeetu Shivhare leaving the show, but he is back with a bang wand in a double role.

    Our source informs that Gadha Prasad will be re-entering Chidiya Ghar in tonight's episode.

    In today’s show, viewers will see that he was lost and later found. Gadha Prasad enters the house but he is not the original but the duplicate of him. But the entire family believes that he is the real one.

    This is just to inform that the two are contrasting in nature. While the original is sweet and positive by nature, the other is of a negative character.

    We have also learnt that Jeetu Shivhare is comfortable enacting both the roles. However, he remained unavailable for comment.



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