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    Default If I would have been insecure, Gurmeet would not have reached where he is today: Debina Bonnerjee

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    Being the wife of a very successful TV actor is no walk in the park. You have to face lots of flak from jealous fans. Ask Debina Bonnerjee and she will precisely explain you the situation. Yes, as we all know Debina is the soul mate of television heartthrob Gurmeet Choudhary.

    The beautiful actress, who is currently doing Chidiya Ghar on SAB TV, says, “At first this negative backlash would affect me. But now I am used to it. Love me or hate me, you just can’t ignore me.”

    People say that you are insecure about Gurmeet working with other female actors? “Oh not again… for the last time I want to state, why should I be insecure, he has married and loves me. But if at all I have to answer, then had I been insecure, Gurmeet would not have reached where he is today.”

    She also did not pay much attention to the news doing the rounds that Gurmeet has done a lip-lock with his Punar Vivah (Zee TV) co -star Kratika Sengar.

    “Now people would want to know how I feel… right? First, I even contest the news that it was a lip-lock, just watch the episode then all debate will end. A certain amount of closeness is needed to be shown between a husband and a wife but it is not what you guys think. Such things are not fit for TV audience, as we watch with family. I also would not want Gurmeet to show all his actor sides on tube and leave some for his film career which I hope will start soon.”

    Debina adds that the fans’ over-reaction is also impacting Gurmeet’s career in a way. “They were so impressed by his previous avatar (Maan Singh Khurana Geet - Hui Sabse Parayi) that they are not fully ready to accept him in his new look and with a new co-star in Punar Vivah.”

    And Kratika has been made the scapegoat. She was so frustrated that once she said, “forget it …whatever I do, I will get lambasted anyways.”

    “Gurmeet is an actor and is trying very hard to do different roles. But I think this is a part of the game. Hope audience appreciates him and Kratika in Punar Vivah, if not he will go on and do more shows.”

    In closing Debina adds that,” It would be good if some of these crazy fans realize that their actions are not making Gurmeet happy. He can’t tell them anything but it does hurt him and only I come to know about it. Once one such fan told him that I was a witch who was doing jaadu tona on him and that he should leave me. ”

    Fans…time to support Gurmeet and his lovely wife in a positive way.



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