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    Default Gurmeet is an ardent fan of my show, Chidiya Ghar: Debina Bonnerjee

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    Debina Bonnerjee who plays Mayuri Narayan (the peacock) in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions) informed us that initially she was very different from her reel role. The scenario changed as she played more of the character. She explained, “With time you tend to put in a lot of your own input wherein the character gets similar to what you are. I have been on the show for a while now. Each day has created nice memories. I am really happy doing this project.”

    The pretty actress is very grateful to her director Ashwini Dhir for guiding her. “I haven’t prepared for this role at all. It was totally the director’s input. He guided me on everything including the neck movements. He helped in bringing Mayuri into me.”
    Regarding her neck movement on the serial she said, “This is a Bharatnatyam neck movement. I have learnt a little of this dance form. Even when my character is talking I do my neck movement. All of this makes Mayuri.”

    Indeed this neck movement has been appreciated by many viewers. Debina says, “Whenever girls come to meet me on the set, they replicate my neck movement.”

    While discussing her dance movements in Chidiya Ghar she said, “The moment a peacock sees clouds it breaks into a dance. Similarly, Mayuri starts dancing for almost everything. I love to dance the way my character dances. Yet I am different from her in the sense that I do not dance in the drop of a hat.”
    Regarding the nuances she has added to her character she said, “There is a particular way in which Mayuri talked right from day one. The delivery of the speech is my own contribution.”

    What does her husband Gurmeet Choudhary say on her performance in this serial? “My husband loves the show more than I love it. He regularly watches it with a lot of interest. I always come to the set and tell my colleagues what he has said about the show. He is an ardent fan of the series.”

    We concluded the interview with a light question. Mayuri has the characteristics of a peacock. Does she like the lovely bird in real life? “The peacock is India’s national bird. It is the most beautiful bird that one has come across. It is very colourful and graceful. Of course I love it.”



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