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    Default Ghotak's popularity makes him a crowd-puller at Rann Mahotsav

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    Owing to the current track of Chidiya Ghar (SAB TV and Garima Productions), Ghotak and his family are having a gala time at ‘Rann Mahotsav’ in Bhuj. Ghotak played by Paresh Ganatra got an opportunity to spend time with the villagers during the shoot and had fun-filled sessions with them at the festivities.

    After the shoot would conclude, the villagers would flock around Ghotak to hear stories of the big city. The whole get-together would appear like a huge family coming together to greet a member who has returned home. Paresh was made to feast on the choicest of delicacies and was also treated to the local folk dances and music.

    Most villagers connected with Paresh as a TC owing to his character Ghotak in Chidiya Ghar. They even jokingly enquired if he would take them along with him to Mumbai to show them around the city. These conversations created a pleasant connect amongst Paresh and the villagers. Paresh was very enthusiastic in his approach & even tried his hand at pot making & volunteered to be a partner in a turban making competition which endeared him to the crowds around him.

    Paresh said, “It was an enriching and heart-warming experience at Rann Mahotsav. All the village folks gave me great respect and affection. We talked about the happenings in the villages & cities, they treated me to authentic festive delicacies which we seldom get to savor and made me feel at home. They even made me laugh by treating me like a real TC & asking for favours to take them along to Mumbai. I truly loved engaging with the villagers and trying my hand at the various activities in the festival. I hope I get to come back soon and interact with all of these lovely people again.”

    We hope Paresh gets to visit his extended family soon to enjoy the festive hospitality again!



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