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    Default Gadha Prasad (Jitu Shivhare) returns to SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar

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    A zoo isnít complete without animals and birds of various species. Neither does a family seem to be complete without characters of various relations. The domestic helper of a family may have no blood relationship with the family members he works for, yet is an integral part of it. Many domestic helper characters of TV serials have touched the hearts of the viewers in a very special way.

    On SAB TVís Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions), you havenít seen Gadha Prasad (the donkey) for a while. The ingenious creatives have aptly made the domestic helper Gadha Prasad like a donkey. This animal is after all a beast of burden which goes on labouring assiduously for his master. At times we call a human being we consider silly as a donkey.

    The good news is Jitu Shivhare who was essaying the role of Gadha Prasad on the series is making a comeback next week. This will surely breathe new life in the serial which is already well loved.



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