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    Default Family of Chidiya Ghar to visit Mumbai

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    Soon a fun filling followed by drama will gear up in Chidiya Ghar

    Garima Production's popular show Chidiya Ghar on SAB TV will soon gear up for a fun sequence which will be followed by high end drama.

    As per our source, "Soon the entire family will go to Mumbai to attend a wedding and will be thrilled as they also get to do sightseeing in the city along with attending the wedding. It is only later that they will find out that they were conned into coming to Mumbai as they are expected to work so that the host family can save on laborers. There will be another twist where Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) will get to know that the bride has decided to run away on the day of her marriage. In the end Babuji will resolve the issue and will come up a solution."

    And how will Babuji solve this problem, will be quite interesting. Any guesses?



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