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    Default Debina's 'taandav' act stuns co actor Sumit

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    Chidiya Ghar on SAB TV (Garima Productions) is the story of a fun-loving family comprising of different members with their own uncanny & funny mannerisms.

    Mayuri aka Debina Bonnerjee and Gomukh aka Sumit Arora play the part of a happy couple on the show entertaining the other family members with their playful antics and disputes.

    In a recent track, Debina was supposed to do a dance performance on a Bollywood song and express her displeasure and anger on Sumit through it. Sumit felt that Debina would find it difficult to enact such a performance as she is a very pleasant person in real life. However, Debina gave a superb dance performance and Sumit was pleasantly surprised.

    Sumit said, “I was not completely sold on the idea of Debina doing an anger-filled performance as she one of the nicest persons I know and even told her that it might be a challenge for her. Debina pleasantly surprised me and all the other set members with her artistic rendition of anger through the dance performance. It was perfectly executed.”

    Debina said, “I love to dance and have learnt it professionally as well. It was difficult to express anger through dance as most of us express joy through it. I took it up as a challenge as not everyone gets an opportunity to do a modern ‘taandav’. My co-actors loved my anger-laced dance performance and congratulated me for it.”

    Watch how Mayuri expresses her anger through her dance on the show.



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